Carpet Cleaning

To maintain your carpets appearance, your carpets should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. Most rented carpet cleaning equipment leaves carpet wet with detergent residue. At Steam Plus our professionals have the equipment and expertise to remove dirt/soil, detergent, and moisture.

Our carpet cleaning process includes:

  • Preliminary inspection of your carpets for identification of possible hard-to-clean areas.
  • Estimate of exact cleaning cost, in writing.
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains with special solution.
  • Pre-spray of carpet traffic areas with safe sanitized pre-cleaning solution to loosen ground-in soil.
  • Rinsing/extraction of carpet with our powerful truck mounted steam extraction unit, using clear soft hot water to remove cleaning solution and soiling. The machine we use to thoroughly clean and rinse your carpets uses high pressure hot water. It helps to break up dirt, bacteria and pollens that are in your carpet. The machine then produces a vacuum to draw the dirt and solution from your carpet. This ensures a residue free rinse that keeps the integrity of your carpet intact and helps to reduce further soiling.
  • ScotchGard application by customer request
  • Use of high velocity fans for quick drying times if needed.
  • Post-treatment of any residual stains.
  • Final inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction
  • Carpets are damp to the touch after cleaning. Drying time is usually 3 to 4 hours.


When ScotchGard is applied properly, it will create a protective shield that repels liquid, dirt and grime, giving you time to clean any spills and prevent stains.

For instance, if you spill red wine and the carpet does not have ScotchGard, the carpet will turn a pink color as the wine absorbs into the fiber. If you spill a glass of red wine and your carpet is ScotchGard protected, you will see the wine bead up and remain on top of the carpet, giving you time to clean it and preventing it from staining your carpeting.

Another benefit of ScotchGard is its prevention of wear patterns in the carpet. If you have ever looked closely at people’s carpets you can usually see where they most often walk. The carpets in high traffic areas often discolor from wear and tear. The protective shield of the ScotchGard prolongs the beauty of those areas and prevents the carpet from discoloring as quickly.

If you want to prolong the splendor of your carpets and furniture, ScotchGard can accomplish that goal for you.

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