Natural Stone & Concrete Floor Care

More popular than ever, natural stone and concrete flooring are beautiful and always stylish. These highly durable floors will give you many years of wear, but dirt, dust, and residue are abrasive and can cause damage. Over time, foot traffic wears on the surface of the stone or concrete floor, giving it a worn appearance and marring the finish. Steam Plus Carpet and Floors, serving the greater Madison WI area, provides expert cleaning, polishing, and sealing for natural stone and concrete flooring. With our help your floors will look great for years to come!


Custom Floor Cleaning Service

The natural stone and concrete floor cleaning services offered by Steam Plus Carpet and Floors are highly
customizable to meet your needs. Whether you’re a residential customer with natural stone flooring or a business owner with concrete flooring, we can help.

  • Cleaning:
    We start with a basic cleaning of the natural stone or concrete surface. This removes the tiny particles of dirt that cause damage over time.
  • Polishing:
    Next, we polish the surface to promote its natural beauty and luster. There are six levels of polish, ranging from low- to high-gloss, which allow you to determine the right look and feel for your space.
  • Sealing:
    Finally, we seal the stone. It’s important for natural stone surfaces to be sealed regularly to maintain maximum protection from staining, soil buildup, and wear.

Regular and appropriate cleaning and maintenance of natural stone and concrete floors is essential to their longevity and beautiful appearance. The expert technicians at Steam Plus Carpet and Floors can guide you through the process, and will have your floors looking great again in no time.


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At Steam Plus Carpet and Floors, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to the Madison area. Our expert technicians provide the high-quality results and professional service you expect and deserve in your home or business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your natural stone and concrete floor cleaning needs.

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