Water Restoration

It just takes a few inches of standing water to create a serious water damage threat to hurt the structure of your home or business. The Longer the water sits, the worse is the damage!!!

Are you experiencing water damage? Let our licensed and insured experts in water extraction and restoration, clear-out your water-related disaster.
Just give a call and the professionals at Steam Plus Carpet & Floors will rush to your place and provide expert guidance on what to do, and ways to fix the problem, fast. We deal this situation as fast as possible as the excess water can result in electrical hazards or cause an expensive damage to your home’s structure, or even lead to the build of mold.

Water damage happens due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Leaking Pipes or broken hose
  • Overflowing toilet/bathtubs or sinks
  • Flooded basements due to heavy rain storms
  • Cracks in Foundation
  • Leaking Roof/Windows
  • Dampness on the wall
  • Clogged Drains
  • Septic Tank Breakdowns
  • Leaks from Dishwasher/ Washing Machine

How much does it Cost for a Water Damage Restoration?

It is not easy to forecast the expense of water damage restoration without a proper analysis of the damage. The common factors that influence the cost of Water Damage Restoration is –

  • The source and sort of water
  • The extent of the affected area
  • The complexity in draining the extracted water
  • The types of materials that are to be deployed in the process
  • The level of renovation that has to be made

All these factors determine the cost of the water damage cleanup and restoration. Please note, your insurance policy may also cover up some of the expenses in the process. Call (608) 333-1415 to discuss with our experts at Steam Plus Carpet & Floors to get a no-obligation quote on water damage restoration!!!

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